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Annular Injection Mixer сколько в россии рождается Click here to download the AIM Product Specifications Sheet сколько весит рельса р50 ProSep’s high efficiency mixer, AIM, achieves efficient mixing of injected fluid with multiphase, gaseous or liquid dominant flows with a low pressure drop over the operating range. Momentum transfer creates injected fluid dispersion with high mass-transfer properties, while the annular injection ring along the pipe wall creates a homogeneous downstream process fluid. мойки москвы на карте расположение видов на чертеже презентация BENEFITS
•    Low differential pressure
•    Inline solution
•    Easily retrofitted
•    Low maintenance мордхейм правила на русском цунами причины возникновения и последствия APPLICATIONS
•    Crude blending
•    Demulsifier injection
•    Scale inhibition
•    Corrosion inhibition
•    Caustic injection структура дидактической игры в детском саду If you have any questions or would like to inquire about our products or services, please use this button to contact us.

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