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Differentiated Technologies

ProSep’s portfolio of differentiated technologies includes in line mixing technologies for crude desalting, H2S scavenging and reduction of chemical & wash water consumption.  These in line mixers are innovative replacements for static mixers. Our proprietary oil and gas process equipment technology portfolio also  includes ‘polishing’ technologies for produced water treatment.

Our injection mixing assembly, ProSalt™, for crude desalting, reduces wash water consumption by up to 40%.  H2S scavenging is offered with our patented inline mixer, ProScav™, providing an inline mixing solution with reduced chemical consumption that can be incorporated into new designs or retrofitted into older systems. We also offer unique solutions for debottlenecking and increasing the efficiency of existing TEG units, by combining a co-current ProDry™ in line mixer in series with a conventional contactor tower.

Our proprietary technologies for the ‘polishing’ stage of produced water treatment, including TORR, Osorb® Media & the CTour process, offer scalable solutions which reduce outlet discharge to below 5 ppm OIW.


ProMix™ is a novel inline injection mixing assembly.

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ProMix ProSep


The ProSalt's efficient inline injection mixing technology holds the key to effective crude oil desalting

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ProScav™ is a inline mixer for H2S scavenging in the pipeline to remove H2S from gas

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ProMix Technology Inline Mixer


ProDry™ is primarily used in the glycol dehydration process for the removal of water from gas flows.

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ProSep ProDry


ProBlend is used for blending two streams of crude with similar flow rates

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Produced Water Treatment ProSep

Osorb Media

Osorb Media is a revolutionary, regenerable, silica for the treatment of oilfield water & gas streams.

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ProSep Osorb Media

CTour ™ Process

The CTour ™ process removes dispersed oil & dissolved hydrocarbon contaminants in produced water streams

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CTOUR C-tour ProSep produced water treatment


TORR™ coalescing technology that addresses future increases in water cut for offshore operators.

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TORR ProSep produced water treatment

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